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Things to do - Winter

(Distance by car)

Downhill skiing
(A tip for those who like downhill skiing is to buy a ski pass that gives access to the following three ski systems, all of which can be easily reached by car from Sporthotellet Idre).

Idre Himmelfjäll 4 minutes

Number of slopes 22

Number of lifts 8

Idre Himmelfjäll is the perfect ski system for the family and those who like long and beautiful blue and green slopes.


Idre Fjäll 9 minutes

Number of slopes 41

Number of lifts 24

Idre Fjäll is a Swedish mountain classic with very good and varied riding and can boast both Dalarna's steepest slope and Dalarna's longest descent.


Fjätervålen 20 minutes

Number of slopes 18

Number of lifts 4

Fjätervålen is a bit further away but when you visit Idre, this ski system is located 1002 meters above sea level next to a must, according to many, these slopes are among the absolute best in Sweden.


Cross-country skiing

Idre by Skidstadion 3 minutes

From the village in Idre there is a 5 and 10km track and an electric light track of 2x2.5km. You can also ski from here to the system in Idre mountain, a distance of about 9km.


Idre Fjäll 9 minutes

From the ski stadium in Idre fjäll you will find a large and very varied selection of ski tracks. Here you will find 80km of ski trails, of which 30km are illuminated.


Fjätervålen, Foskros, Idre Himmelfjäll, Städjan-Nipfjället etc.

Yes, the range and variety is almost endless in Idre and the surrounding area.



Snowmobile trail around the corner, park for free in the hotel car park.

Idre and the surrounding area offers 160 km of snowmobile trails in scenic and varied surroundings.



Idre Padelcenter 6 minutes

There is no need to rest from your paddle just because you have a holiday, with its three double courses and two single courses, you can take your paddle rack and lira with you even on your holiday.

..and much more!

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