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Things to do - Summer

(Distance by car)


Idrefjällens Golfklubb 6 minutes

Play golf on one of Sweden's best and absolutely most beautiful 18-hole courses. The course, which opened in 1992, was designed by Bengt Lorichs.



Nipfjället 12 minutes

Hiking around Nipfjället is a magical and relatively easy half-day trip for the whole family.

Städjan 15 minutes

Hike up to the top of Städjan 1,131 meters above sea level and enjoy the view of the magical mountain world.

Fulufjället, Grövelsjön, Idre Fjäll etc.

The range of hiking trails is huge, whether you want to enjoy a few hours of pleasant walking or be out in nature and hike for many days.



Trout in Grövelsjön, char in Burusjön or grayling in Storhån, In Idre and the surrounding area there are endless fishing opportunities.
Buy a fishing map where you buy a fishing license and go out into nature and enjoy your fishing trip.



Idre mountain 9 minutes

There is a large selection of cycle paths and also the opportunity to cycle downhill.

..and much more!

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